DAIR is a couture clothing line with a casual, smart touch for men and women founded by Odair Pereira. This brand is inspired by men and women, their everyday life experience and individual personality.

DAIR design is a couture clothing line with a casual detail for both men and women. DAIR design distinguishes itself by offering different sizes, silhouettes and material combinations. DAIR collection fits it all! Odair and its team are also specialized in styling. Odair creates crossovers between the most various styles and trends, always translating this to the customers wishes.

In the world of DAIR design everyone is equal; tall, short, full or slim figured, everyone is beautiful! The goal is to bring out inner beauty and translate it to the style of the person in question. DAIR design stands for creating an experience by combining fashion with movement, poetry, art and entertainment.

Recently showed its collection at new york, Paris and los angeles fashionweek. Also his brand has been RECOGNIZED IN NEW YORK WITH THE AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING FASHION DESIGNER.

DAIR collection fits it all!