DAIR is a haute couture clothing line with a casual, smart touch for men and women founded by Odair Pereira. This brand is inspired by men and women, their everyday life experience and individual personality.

DAIR has launched its new ready to wear collection called “SUPERSTAR” (#DAIRrtw). This collection is a casual, smart line with a couture touch in all pieces.

“I have created this clothing line for men and women who love fashion, work hard and enjoy life. All items of this ready to wear collection are designed to be multi-functional and give you the freedom to explore all options and rock them in your very own way. You decide which style fits your personality or your mood the best!

My clients often tell me I’m a very lucky guy to be able to design the clothing I feel my best in. This is absolutely true and with these multi-functional pieces I want you to experience that same freedom.

I create pieces you can wear in everyday life and make you stand out in different ways. Be limitless and make your own rules!

All items are unisex and created for you, me, him and her. This collection is not only beautiful, stylish and cool, but also suitable for many occasions. Business meeting first, drinks after? No problem with these pieces!

My goal is to create timeless pieces that give you the feeling of being your own SUPERSTAR all year round!”


DAIR collection fits it all!